Instaprint has completed the installation of Iridesse production press which introduces new capabilities to produce an array of special UV printing effects.

Our expanding print services now includes a high level of design flexibility using amazing colours and metallic print that can be applied to specific areas or an entire sheet. Gold and silver dry inks can be layered with CMYK colours to create vibrant effects, metallic gradients, photographic enhancements and more.

We believe we’ve unlocked the easiest way to achieve cost-effective and results-driving speciality effects.

Deliver a “wow” impact through speciality print enhancements

The Xerox Iridesse digital press has revolutionized our print operations allowing high quality print effects at a faster rate and lower cost. It allows us to deliver outstanding 4 colour print quality along with brilliant UV spot embellishments.

Using eye-catching metallic silver and gold dry inks with Instaprint you can achieve vibrant spot colours and turn ordinary print projects into opportunities to dazzle with jaw dropping embellishments.

Many print designers long to work on a project involving foiling and varnishes but due to costs to an end customer these projects are a rarity. With an Iridesse production press designers can combine stunning 4 colour imagery with speciality metallic dry inks in a single print pass. All this is available without sacrificing on the many benefits of digital printing, creating a highly economical solution.

Let's do new things with digital print

Whilst digital printing has been a basic option for some time, using metallic printing capabilities gives you a whole new way to think about print design. It’s about thinking in layers which should be ordered in your design files in the order which the dry inks will be applied.

Create a spot speciality effect

Each speciality dry ink (Silver, Gold or Clear) can be used on their own to create eye-catching spot UV effects. Our metallic pigments can deliver a true sparkle and shine.Solid tints of silver, gold or clear dry inks with CMYK can add immediate value to any graphics or text. They can be applied in small areas, as full page floods or as a dimensional effect using more than one layer.

Use more than one spot speciality together

Want to use more than one spot effect? Multiple spot effects can be produced quickly and accurately within each print job.You can mix silver and gold, silver and clear, gold and clear and can be placed next to each other or so they overlap.

Create ultimate brilliance with iridescent palletes

A pallete of iridescent metallic hues can make a big impact. Silver or gold can be layered with CMYK to create vibrant metallic spot colours and gradients.

Artwork Preparation Guides

Create WOW Designs

Create Your WOW Designs

We make it easy to create more 'wow' on every page. Download our free artwork preparation guide.

Spot Speciality Effect

Create A Spot Speciality Effect

Make your designs stand out with a spot speciality effect. Download our free artwork preparation guide.

Use More Than One Spot

Use More Than One Spot Together

Create more WOW by printing two spot effects together. Download our free artwork preparation guide.

Iridescent Hues

Create Brilliance With Iridescent Hues

Layer CMYK Tints to create vibrant metallic spots, colours, gradients. Download our free artwork preparation guide.


Metallic Print FAQ

What metallic colours can you print?

We can currently print the following metallic toner colours:

  • Silver + Colour + Gold
  • Gold + Colour + Clear
  • Silver + Colour + Clear
  • Colour + Clear
  • Colour + Silver
  • Colour + Gold
  • Gold + Silver
  • A wide range of Pantone Metallic Colours

How do I set up my artwork?

Once you decide where to add a specifically metallic effect you need to set this up using layers within either Illustrator or InDesign.

For example:

  1. Import images, shapes and text into your artwork design
  2. To add a silver effect add a new layer called ‘Silver’ (capitalization is important)
  3. Add PANTONE 877C Silver. Designate it as a spot colour and name it Silver
  4. Select the objects in the layer and fill them with the silver colour
  5. Save your file as an EPS for placement in InDesign using the standard settings for EPS export

Our team are always on hand to help you with artwork set up. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.

Do I need to use a pre-made design template?

No. Your artwork can be a complete custom design. Our team can assist you with setting up your artwork.

What’s the largest size metallic foil you can print?

The Iridesse Press includes XLS (Extra Long Sheet) capacity allowing us to produce sheets 320 x 640mm. This means we can use metallic spot colour on 6pp A4 (630 x 297) and A4 Landscape booklets (594 x 210mm).

Can you add more than one spot effect to the same artwork?

Adding more than one effect to your artwork is no problem. Multiple spot effects can be produced quickly and accurately within each print job. You can mix:

  • Silver and gold
  • Silver and clear
  • Gold and clear